No-code benefits

6 reasons for adopting no-code

1. Get rid of paper

Replace paper forms and excel with apps.

Paper forms and spreadsheets are still abundant in many organisations. Get rid of them. They are time-consuming and are a source of errors and mistakes. Discover how Solvay and Medux are getting rid of paper with AppSheet.
2. Automate everything

Expand on your ERP systems.

Because even the most niche processes can feasibly be automated .
Additions to your core systems are expensive and time consuming to make. Building a no code add-on is often easier.
3. Save time and money

Build your business solutions 10 times faster.

Build apps in days instead of months.
There are a range of no-code platforms available, but not all are suitable for larger organisations. Check our
overview of enterprise no-code platforms
4. Accelerate

Speed up your digital transformation

Regain on your IT backlog by using no-code to automate your internal processes.
Discover the best use cases for no-code
5. Unlock resources

Your pool of digitalisers is bigger than you think.

With no-code business users can start automating their own processes.
Take away pressure from IT and empower your people the same time. Skill development for no-code
6. Standardise

Replace a multitude of cloud services with one flexible platform.

Build solutions customised for you. In one easy to manage environment

The future of coding...

Gartner predicts that by 2025 more than half of the business applications in enterprise environments will be built with no-code / low-code.

It's not all roses and sunshine though, to make it work you need to set it up right. Read about the challenges of no-code and how or overcome them.

Curious how you can make no-code work for you?

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