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The future of coding
is no coding at all

Now anyone can create software. With No-Code development regular people can build apps in hours. This will revolutionise the way you automate your business.

Discover how you can accelerate your digital transformation without a large IT team.

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What is No-Code and how does it work?

Automate. Optimise. Innovate.
Without writing a single line of code.

A no-code development platform is a visual software development environment that allows citizen developers to drag and drop application components, connect them together and create a mobile or web application. From any data source. Without writing a single line of code.

This opens up a world of possibilities for your organisation. Increased pace of your digital transformation against lower costs. Faster development and deployment. Instant changes. Lower dependency on IT suppliers. To name a few.

A growing amount of features are just  a mouse-click away. Ranging from dashboards and data collection, to capturing images, logging locations and scanning barcodes.

Digital transformation has never been easier.

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The benefits of no-code

Turn data into apps
Without coding

With No-code frameworks anyone can turn data into a user-friendly app. Within hours instead of weeks.

No coding necessary. No need to hire programmers either.

Train your people to become citizen developers and they'll optimise the way they work, bottom-up.

No-Code Training
Automate your workflow

The automation of your workflows is now easier and more affordable than ever before.

The development work is done by the people who know the process best: the business users themselves.

Empower your teams with no-code automation support, whenever they need it.

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Streamline your operation

With a good no-code optimisation and integration plan, you can streamline your operation for a fraction of the effort it used to take. No-code apps will be even more powerful if they are well integrated in your existing IT landscape.

Let us help you create a smart, connected and reliable system of dashboards, apps and databases. Integrated using the latest API technology.

Learn MoreNo-Code Integration
Create a valuable ecosystem

Embrace the no-code IT revolution. Because it will impact your organisation. If done right, no-code will multiply your power to innovate. Make you more adaptive to change.

Seize the right opportunities and adopt a solid no-code strategy. We can help you build a valuable ecosystem for yourself, your partners and your clients. 

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our services

The world is moving fast. We can help you start ahead of the pack.

Jumpstart no-code

No-Code Strategy

No-code tools are taking the world by storm, they are an integral part of any digital strategy. All major players, from Google to Microsoft and AWS, are investing heavily in no-code platforms. This will impact you too.

But what are the biggest opportunities for no-code in your organisation? How do you incorporate no-code development in your digital strategy? 

Let us help you make the most out of no-code.
We have several short programs that will jumpstart your no-code adoption. So you can accelerate your automation and build valuable ecosystems.

Run that last mile of your digital transformation.

Grab a cup of coffee and let's have a chat.

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Jumpstart no-code

No-code business optimisation and IT integration

Your own business users could help you automate and streamline your organisation. They could start turning out business applications at speeds unheard before.

Formerly unattainable high-end features like:
API integration, Event Streaming, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
are now easily accessible for regular business users.

But where do you start? Which processes are best served by this approach and which not? And from an IT perspective: how do you assure proper integration in your IT landscape? How do you make sure that no-code apps comply to security and quality standards?

Let us help you start right.
We'll help you choose the right platform and we'll set up a way of working that will ensure optimal integration and give proper guidelines to your citizen developers and IT experts.

Let's talk about it.

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Jumpstart no-code

No-code automation support

The essence of no-code is that anyone can learn how to do it. But you can  go a lot faster with the support of experts. That's what our automation support is there for.

Do it yourself with our support
You don't need to figure out everything yourself. Subscribe to our support service and you'll always have an expert on call.

Let us build it for you
No time or people available? Deadline coming up? No worries, we can build it for you. Reach out and discover how we can help you.

discover our programs
Jumpstart no-code

No-code training

Why make beginners mistakes? Give yourself the skills to make a difference from the start with our training programs.

You'll learn how to plan, how to organise your data, and how turn data into  apps using no-code.

Learning by building

We offer several programs that focus on learning by doing. By the end of the course you'll have both the know-how ánd a ready to use application.  

Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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Julien Grégoire

“It was all about saving time in the field and having very accurate and reliable information from the field,”  “So no more copying from a sheet of paper to an Excel file and then putting the Excel file in the Word and making a report from that.”

// Reliability Engineer at i-care group
Sebastian Arango Alzate

“The best feature of our application is the quick modifications that can be made, without going through a long and tedious development process.”

// field audit specialist at Tigo Une
Paula Bell

“Now, when we run into a problem we think is there an app for that?”  
“I love AppSheet and have recommended it to others.”

// lean team member at kentucky power
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