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certified google appsheet partner

Optimise. Now.

Automate. Innovate.
Without writing a single line of code.

Appalot will help you streamline your organisation with AppSheet. The easiest and most affordable tool to automate your business processes.

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1. Turn data into apps.
Without coding.

With AppSheet anyone can turn data into a user-friendly app. No coding necessary.

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2. Automate your workflow

Now can start to automate workflows. Fast. Boost your productivity. By the people who know the process best: the business users themselves.

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3. Streamline your operation

Optimise. Appalot will help you streamline your business processes. Improve customer experience. Enabling you to create more value, in less time.

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4. Create a valuable ecosystem

Innovate. Accelerate your business with an ecosystem of data and apps for yourself, your partners and your clients. 

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Certified Google AppSheet Partner

From spreadsheet to app in hours.

Build mobile and Desktop applications from any data source. Without writing a single line of code. With AppSheet.

Collect data and analyse it

Gather data from the field more efficiently, for quicker, actionable insights.

Collect data from any device, instantly syncing to the original data source.

Generate reports and build tailor-made dashboards to improve analysis.

Collaborate & Automate your processes

Collaborate with teammates, updating data securely.

Capture Images.
Log Locations.
Scan Barcodes.
Deliver Notifications

Use AppSheets building blocks to quickly build apps that fit your workflow.

Jumpstart no-code

Jumpstart No-Code Development with Appalot

Learn. Make. Use. In one short program.
Make the most out of AppSheet in the shortest possible time. No separation of theory and practise: in short sprint, your team will automate workflows and build apps. Without coding. Guided by an expert 

The result: an AppSheet capable team and ready-to-use applications.

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select Your program

Don't just begin. Jumpstart!

We'd like everyone to innovate faster.  
We offer an AppSheet growth program tailored to your needs and size.

Level 1
JumpStart Adoption
1 -3 Days Adoption Program
Identify Opportunities
Training On the Job
Create your Own App
Creation Guidance & Support
Ready to use Templates
3 Month AppSheet Pro Licence
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Level 2
Jumpstart Expansion
1 to 2 Week Expansion Program
Jumpstart Adoption, with these added features:
+ Multiple Process Integration
+ Connect with Public APIs
+ Security training
+ User management
6 Month AppSheet Pro Licence
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Level 3
Jumpstart Integration
Advanced Integration Program
JumpStart Adoption & Expansion, with additional:
+ IT Landscape Integration
+ Advanced API Integration
+ Revenue Creation
+ Creating Public Apps
+ 1 Year Enterprise Licence
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In doubt? Check out FAQ and don’t hesitate to contact us.
Julien Grégoire

“It was all about saving time in the field and having very accurate and reliable information from the field,”  “So no more copying from a sheet of paper to an Excel file and then putting the Excel file in the Word and making a report from that.”

// Reliability Engineer at i-care group
Sebastian Arango Alzate

“The best feature of our application is the quick modifications that can be made, without going through a long and tedious development process.”

// field audit specialist at Tigo Une
Paula Bell

“Now, when we run into a problem we think is there an app for that?”  
“I love AppSheet and have recommended it to others.”

// lean team member at kentucky power

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AppSheet?

The easiest and most affordable tool to unlock data & automate workflows. By Google Cloud.

What is No-Code Development?

No-Code development is named by Gartner and Forrester studies as one of the most important developments in IT for coming years. It will change your industry too.

At Appalot we have embraced this development and we're helping others to adopt it too.

The standard programs don't seem to fit, can you still help me?

We have standard Jump-start programs focused on requirements that occur most often. We're always willing to tailor a program to your specific needs.

How do I Start?

Request a demo. We'll show you how you can innovate faster and more affordable than ever before.

Why Appalot?

The faster you are able to embed AppSheet in your organisation, the faster you will create real value. Appalot will help you make the most out of AppSheet in the shortest possible time. From training and support to advanced integrations in your IT landscape.

Still have a question? Contact us.
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