The challenges of no code

To make no-code work in an enterprise environment, you'll have to jump some hurdles.

After you've introduced no-code into your organisation, everything will probably go well. People are happy to be able to build their own solutions and things are getting done faster than ever before.

Until it starts to grow. Once you get to the point where you want to scale the use of no code, things will start to get complicated. These are the biggest challenges you will run into.


Data integrity

How do you make sure that many helpful apps do not result in a jungle of data sources?


GDPR compliance

How do you ensure that your sensitive data is being handled according to privacy rules?


Quality Assurance

What can you do to help app makers deliver well made apps, in line with company policies?



How do you enable your people to find the right app? And make sure the same solution isn't built twice?



What will be the integration pattern  you use to connect all no-code apps with your core systems?


Operating model

Which roles and processes do you need to develop, implement and run apps with citizen developers?
Centre of Enablement

Do no-code right.

Set up a no-code Centre of Enablement.
  • Skill Development
  • IT Integration patterns
  • Governance & policies
  • Processes
  • Tools
  • Evangelisation

Curious how you can make no-code work for you?

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