Skill Development

Train an army of citizen developers. Or set up a no-code factory.

 No matter which approach you're taking, you'll need defined roles with people trained to perform them.

No-code roles schematic
Kick-off your no-code journey with a well prepared team

Our approach is all about enabling you to be self-sufficient

. We focus on training your key people and providing you with the materials for further skill development.
With a well organised centre of enablement and a well trained core team you can quickly scale no-code without losing control.

Your app makers/citizen developers need training of course. Not only on the practical aspects of using AppSheet, Airtable or any other platform, but on the way of working, GDPR compliance and data security as well.

That way you ensure the quality of your internal solutions and your continued compliance to regulations.

We know what roles you need to make no code work, and we know which skills and knowledge each role needs. ick-off your no-code journey with a well prepared and well trained team.

Curious how you can make no-code work for you?

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