How Can IT Keep Up with Business Demands

Adopting fast and efficient methods to increase productivity while spending less has been one of the fundamental challenges faced by businesses for decades. The challenge becomes more actual in today's fast-changing conditions. To succeed, technological innovations are inevitable. And that is where many businesses turn to their IT teams in search of solutions. But IT teams already find it hard to deliver the solutions at the pace the business needs.  

Leverage Digital Potential of Non-Technical Employees

With the evolvement of no-code platforms in the past few years, it has become easier for non-technical users to build applications to address digitization needs in their field of work.

While IT teams are crucial in providing specific and complex programming solutions, non-technical employees are becoming more and more involved in innovation processes as "citizen developers''. According to Gartner's report (October 2019) "by 2023, the number of active citizen developers at large enterprises will be at least four times the number of IT developers." This does not mean that "citizen developers" will replace the IT teams in the company. It is more about combining the forces to make the most out of the innovating potential of the company.

How No-Code Can Accelerate Your Business

Platforms like Google Appsheet, AWS HoneyCode, or Microsoft PowerApps let non-technical users build apps based on corporate data sources within a few hours.

Considering that often IT teams are loaded with endless queues of assignments, the need to prioritize makes some projects end up in backlogs for months, even years. This slows down the productivity potential of the company affecting its place in the market.

By empowering non-technical employees to use no-code platforms to address their digitization needs, businesses reduce the amount of backlog from the shoulders of IT, allowing them to focus on more elaborate projects. Combining these two forces speeds up overall digitization processes, increases productivity, and enables companies to gain advantages over the competitors in the market.  

Expanding the Reach of Your Ecosystem

Next to the ability to create applications based on internal databases, no-code platforms can also connect to databases exposed by APIs. This broadens the range of digital services provided by the company, opening new sources of revenues. It becomes possible for external parties to connect, use, and build apps based on these databases. Thus, creating a well-organized and fully functioning ecosystem around the company.

Besides, bringing together AI and no-code within a single platform allows to create powerful apps and to automate complex processes through one platform. Imagine instead of performing repetitive data-entry, employees could focus on value-adding activities, like increasing revenue, exploring new clients, and strengthening the current client base. With no-code platforms employees can connect to data sources and automate the processes within hours.

Combining Digitization Forces

In order to get the most out of the innovation potential of your company, many components from digital assets to different groups of employees have to come together. While IT teams focus their attention on more complex programming projects, non-technical employees can speed up digitization by creating apps and automating processes with no-code platforms. To avoid the company's valuable data being exposed through the self-served processes, it is also important to manage and control who can access these digital assets and what they can do with them.
With all these components together, your company could well triple the speed of its innovation, reaching a new level in technological development.  




Written by: Naira Papyan
Digital Marketeer at Appalot

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